Collection: Aquascutum

Founded almost 2 centuries ago in Regent Street, London in 1851 by John Emary, After succeeding in creating the first waterproof wool, Aquascutum was born, the Latin word for “watershield’.  This British icon was favoured by Royals as far back as Edward VII IN 1897, marking the beginning of a long patronage of Britain’s Royal Family.  The labels infamous trench coat’s was created in 1914 and used by the Military in both World Wars, garnering much praise leading the decision to bring it to retail where they were later adorned by 3 Prince’s of Wales, Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher as well as celebrity royalty Humphrey Bogart, Sophia Loren, Cary Grant, and Michael Caine.  The label has expanded its collection to include knitwear, sweaters, shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts in the ever expanding ready-to-wear collection.  Steeped in its British heritage, the brand continues to produce classic and contemporary clothing incorporating its signature check and crests.